Our story

The JBRWOOD brand was born in 2015. Combining the passion for music, twenty years of knowledge of wood and having a technical training as a CAD / CAM designer. We collaborate with various Italian and foreign companies supported by expert luthiers in the sector.

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What we do

We build musical instruments, specifically electric and semi-acoustic guitars, electric and semi-acoustic basses, bodies for guitars and basses, necks for guitars and basses, handcrafted pickups, sale of wood for lutherie.

Made in Italy quality

Our production process starts from the choice of raw timber. We use seasoned and resonant European and American hardwoods. 50% of the processes are performed with CNC machinery, guaranteeing millimeter precision. The finishing and sanding is done manually. For the varnishing we use specific varnishes for violin making.


Discover all our products: guitars, basses, bodies, necks, woods for lutherie and more.

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